How To Treat And Prevent Insomnia


How well did you sleep last night? If you’re like me, then your sleep quality determines the quality of your day. Bad sleep? Bad day. It took me years to overcome my insomnia. I’m not a fan of sleeping pills, so I wanted an herbal insomnia remedy. Something natural. Let me share my sleep secrets with you. You are in for some big surprises.

But there is hope. One proven remedy for spouses is to simply sleep in another bedroom at the opposite end of the hall. Many couples have opted for this approach, after years of trying alternatives. But for those of us, myself included, who prefer to awaken with our mate beside us, hopefully well rested, here are a few things to try.

Taking a very good multi-vitamin daily is essential and you cannot get what is needed in one pill. Look at quality daily multi-vitamins that usually require you taking several pills a day for a daily dosage.

I decided to do a little research about the herb and found out that it has mild tranquilizing properties. Obviously it’s not the kind of thing you should ingest before operating heavy machinery or driving, but valerian root proved to be an awesome, gentle solution for my nighttime anxiety. It led me to do “strongest sleeping pills” some more research.

Hops: Normally used in producing beer, Hops is an accepted cure for agitation and insomnia. It is also used in most “best natural antidepressant” acknowledged sedatives for a person’s nerves. You can buy these, or make a homemade concoction by making it with other herbs.

You should avoid sleeping on your back. Instead sleep on your side or stomach. There are anti-snoring pillows that you can buy that are designed to keep snorers on “over the counter anti depressant” side while they sleep.

Try some natural remedies, such as standardized Valerian extract to aid sleep. Valerian is available at most pharmacies and is a natural remedy to aid sleep. Taken before bedtime it can ease nerves and calm the mind to help you drift off to sleep. Lemon balm and Hops, are also soothing herbs which can calm and relax the mind and body.

If you need sleep help, you’re not restricted to pharmacy shelves and pill bottles. There are natural alternatives that work in harmony with your body, have no side effects, and yet remain very effective. There are also things you can do without taking any pills at all that can virtually eliminate any problem you have sleeping. Don’t settle for the easiest but least effective solution. Find out how to cure your insomnia for good.